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  • Brokerage Rates
  • Settlement

There are two basic charges incurred when trading Contracts for Difference (CFD) - Commission Charges (subjected to GST) and Financing Charges. Other fees such as price feed fees may apply if you are intending to trade the foreign markets.



Brokerage/commission charges
Country Commission Financing Charges Live Price Feed / Month*
Singapore 0.25% (Min. SGD 15)

Base Rate + 3.5%


Base Rate - 3.5%

Hong Kong 0.33% (Min. HKD 100) HKD 120
USA 0.22% (Min. USD 15) USD 3
UK 0.35% (Min. GBP 15) GBP 5
Australia 0.23% (Min. AUD 15) AUD 37.50
Japan+ 0.27% (Min. JPY 2500) NA
Malaysia 0.40% (Min. USD 20)

Base Rate + 3.5%

Base Rate - 8.5%

Indonesia 0.30% (Min. USD 30)

Base Rate + 5%

Base Rate - 8%

USD 2.50


+ Japan CFDs are only available on a per-request basis.
* All price feed fees will be deducted from the CFD account.


Important note:

  • Commission is the same for online and offline trades.
  • It is subject to 7% GST.
  • All charges will be automatically deducted from your CFD account the following business day.



Financing Charges

A financing fee is charged daily on any CFD positions held overnight. This amount is debited or credited (if applicable for shorting) from your CFD account on a daily basis.


Finance charges are computed based on the end-of-day marked to market value of your CFD portfolio, and are charged on 100% of the marked to market value. There are no finance charges if the position is closed within the same day.


The Maybank KE Base Rate is the interest rate set by the underlying Interbank Rate for the currency of the relevant shares. The Maybank KE Base Rate varies from market to market and is subject to change at the sole discretion of Maybank KE. All charges are subject to changes at the sole discretion of Maybank KE.


Price Feed Fees

Live price feed is payable for all markets except Singapore.


Live or delayed market price feed is required for online trading access, and delayed price feed will be provided for the other markets. If market data is not available, only offline trades (placing trade through a Trading Representative) will be allowed.


Rollover Costs

Maybank Kim Eng does not impose a 30-day expiry date on all CFD contracts. Hence, there are no rollover costs.


Other Fees

There is no fee needed to maintain or close your CFD account. No interest is earned on dormant funds.





All CFD contracts are settled in their respective settlement currencies. As a result, some transactions will result in profit/loss being accrued in the settlement currency other than tyour base currency.


Country Exchanges Settlement Currency
Singapore SGX Singapore Dollars / US Dollars (For US Dollar denominated stock)
Hong Kong HKEx Hong Kong Dollars
Malaysia KLSE US Dollars
Indonesia IDX US Dollars
Australia ASX Australian Dollars
UK LSE Great British Pounds
Japan TSE Japanese Yen


Do note that the profit/loss accrused in their respective settlement currencies will not be auto-converted to your base currency. Please refer to your daily statement for a true indication of foreign currencies held. Inform your Trading Representative if you wish to convert the profit/loss in their respective settlement currencies to your base currency.







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