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Call us at 6432 1888

Email to helpdesk@maybank-ke.com.sg


Visit our Customer Service Centres at:

50 North Canal Road

Singapore 059304


9 Temasek Boulevard

#12-00 Suntec Tower Two

Singapore 038989


Visit our Investor Centre at:

23 Serangoon Central

#B2-39 nex

Singapore 556083


3 Gateway Drive

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Singapore 608532


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  • Overview
  • Account Types
  • Broker-assisted trading
  • Online trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Risks

At Maybank Kim Eng, clients can trade equities on key stock exchanges around the world.


Besides providing traditional broker-assisted desk execution services, we also offer online trading with the added edge of having dynamic real-time quotes. We put the world's financial markets at your fingertips.



Take control of your investments anytime, anywhere

With the choice of trading through our Trading Representatives, online and mobile platforms, you can now take control of your investments anytime, anywhere - all at your fingertips.


Access to key financial markets

Our online and mobile platforms offer direct access to multiple key financial markets like Singapore Exchange (SGX), Bursa Malaysia Exchange (Bursa), Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ). You can also trade US Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on NYSE Arca through our online platform.


Other foreign markets are also available for offline trading through our Trading Representatives.


Trade online and on your mobile 24/7

Access the quick and convenient world of online trading through KE Trade and you will find all the support you need for effortless trading. We offer 24-hour access everyday, so you can trade from the comfort of your home or even whilst overseas.


And now with the launch of our mobile Apps, you can trade wherever you are and whenever you want.


Reliable and advanced trading tools

KE Trade online & mobile applications and KE Trade PRO offer you peace of mind with reliable security features and instantaneous trade confirmations. Designed to make online investing simple, KE Trade boasts a host of time-efficient, customisable features and tools to assist you in capitalising on market opportunities.


Targeting active clients, KE Trade PRO is a sophisticated premier online trading platform designed to perform faster online transactions.





We offer different accounts to suit your individual needs.


Different account types to suit your needs

KE Trade Account KE Trade Prefunded Account KE Trade Margin Account
Account Description A trading account that lets you trade securities listed on SGX and other markets. A collateralised trading account that lets you enjoy lower online brokerage rates for SGX and other markets. A collateralised trading account that lets you trade multi-markets with multi-currency financing facilities.
Market Access Singapore, United States, Hong Kong and Malaysia markets via KE Trade Online & Mobile, as well as 18 other global markets via your Trading Representative.
Leverage / Trading Limits No.
Trading limit is determined at Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd’s discretion.
Trading limit is equivalent to the amount of funds deposited into the account.
Trading limit is up to 3.5 times the amount of cash pledged.
Brokerage Rates Please click here to view our brokerage rate table.



Trade via our professional, licensed Trading Representatives in both the regional and international markets.


If you have a question when executing your trade, your Trading Representative will be able to assist you with your desired trades and answer your trading and account questions


KE Trade delivers innovative, powerful trading tools to help you uncover potential market opportunities and implement your unique trading strategy.


KE Trade uses some of the most advanced trading technologies available to help you pursue your financial goals. With KE Trade online account, you get access to our award-winning research and trading tools.




Speed up your order submission with our superior Batch Order function. It allows you to submit up to 5 buy and/or sell SGX orders at any one time, saving you time and effort with our multiple order submission feature.


Customisable layout

Optimise market information to your trading style with our proprietary 4Site feature. It allows you to customise your trading screen with the type of market information, preferred layout and trade execution screens that you require, all at one glance.


Interactive charts

Support your investment analysis and decisions with our online historical charting service. Enjoy direct access to historical quotes for counters listed on the SGX-ST, HKEx, Bursa Malaysia, NYSE and NASDAQ



Create and customise up to 10 watchlists. You may monitor the latest price movements of your favourite Singapore and foreign counters, all in a single watchlist.


Stock and SGXNewsNew alerts

Receive stock and SGXNews alerts via SMS, e-mail or while trading on KE Trade Online to monitor stock movements and receive real-time corporate actions and company announcements for SGX-listed companies, to enable you to make better informed and timely investment and trading decisions. We offer different types of stock alert triggers - by price, by percentage change from intra-day price and by cumulative volume.


Manage your orders

Keep track of your orders with our Orders function. View all your orders placed for the day, up to 3 days before and the trade history of fulfilled orders. In addition, you can withdraw up to 5 orders simultaneously at any one time with our Quick Withdrawal function.


Manage your account portfolio

Manage your investment exposure with our Account Management function. You are able to view your daily trust account and custodian balances for cash accounts, as well as your stock holdings, account ledger and margin position summary for margin accounts. As an added service, the daily forex rates are also made available to you.


Create your personal investment portfolio to view your daily updated investment positions, portfolio valuation and the realised/unrealised profit & loss statement of your investments anytime. You can also choose to export your portfolio to MSExcel. With our Portfolio function, you will always be in control of your investment.


In-depth market information

Make wiser investment decisions with our in-depth market information:

  • Trade Summary, which displays actual trades done by price.
  • Time and Sales, which displays actual transactions done for that particular stock sorted by time.
  • Intra-day Charts, which displays charts plotted with the time and sales data.
  • Market Depth, which displays the SGX-ST ready market of up to 20 levels of bid and offer prices.
  • Be updated on the latest happenings around the world by accessing the latest news from the premier financial newswire, Reuters.
  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest corporate actions and company announcements for all SGX-listed companies with our latest feature, SGXNews.



You can now trade online safely with our Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature. By introducing an additional factor of authentication, it makes accessing your online trading account more secure.



We are the first and only local broker with our KE Trade mobile applications available on the full suite of operating systems. Whatever your mobile device is, we have an app for it.


Best Mobile Platform


Maybank Kim Eng has won the Best Mobile Platform Award for the 4th consecutive year, according to the Investment Trends 2014 Singapore Broking Report. The award was based on an online survey of over 10,600 investors/traders.

We are also the first brokerage firm in Singapore to offer an Android Tablet application for mobile trading. 


Application features


Market Indices

Get a quick update on the regional market indices


Top Gainers and Losers

Check the latest upswings and downturns of the market by tracking top movers


Top Volume

Feel the market pulse by viewing the top volume stocks


Quick Quotes

Get real-time streaming of SGX prices and real-time/delayed snapshot prices for other exchanges subjected to your market data subscription access



Trade your favourite stocks in a quick and easy way


View Orders

View current and historical trades with the option to amend or cancel pending orders


O/S Positions

View your accounts outstanding positions



View your current portfolio


Interactive Intraday Charts
Track intraday price fluctuations using our interactive intraday charts for SGX, NASDAQ, NYSE, HKEx & Bursa.

Pinch to zoom or swipe to scroll and view intraday price fluctuations. SGX and Bursa charts are displayed real-time.




Historical Charts
Analyse stock price movements in the Singapore and foreign markets (Choose from a variety of chart types such as candlesticks, OHLC, area or line).
For HKEx, NASDAQ and NYSE, access either real-time or delayed intraday charts depending on subscription to live prices.
We have also enhanced the charting tool to include Technical Indicators that provide further analysis on stock charts and identify chart patterns. You can add a maximum of 6 indicators for chart durations ranging from 1 month to 3 years.




Time and Sales
View the latest 10 trades done for any SGX-listed stock, sorted by time.




Trade Summary
View a summary of trades done by price for any SGX-listed stock.





Market Insight

Available on KE Trade Online and KE Trade Mobile.



Consensus Charts in Market Insight
Analyse potential upside or downside from Consensus Charts showing 1 year of historical recommendations aggregated from brokers covering a stock, against actual stock price.



Research Reports
Make informed decisions with daily research reports by Maybank Kim Eng Research for regional markets.

The research materials are provided for general information purposes only, and are subject to terms and conditions. This application feature is available in iPad, Android Tablet and Windows 8 apps only.



Hub View
Access your watchlists, market quotes, portfolio and positions on a single page hub view from the desktop fast using swipe, tap, click, and zoom. This application feature is available in Windows 8 app only.



KE Trade mobile apps download





Place your secure orders through KE Trade Mobile, which are encrypted using Verisign 128-bits Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The KE Trade trading system is further protected by firewalls to prevent non-authorised persons from hacking the system.



When trading through Mobile Trading, standard KE Trade online brokerage commissions apply to all mobile trades. Click here for the rates.



Not a Maybank Kim Eng Client yet?



Trading in the stock market carries certain risks. If you are not careful, you may risk losing some or all of the money invested.


By understanding the risks involved in stock trading, you can take steps to be in better control and manage your investments better.



Volatility of Stock Market

Share prices fluctuate due to the uncertainties that exist around businesses and the profitability of the companies. If a business does not do well, there is the risk of its share price dropping to a lower than expected level.


The market also often moves unexpectedly due to any major events or disasters. Market corrections and bear markets will also affect your share prices.


Stay abreast of the daily business news and forecasts available from our research team so as to have a better understanding of the direction of the stock market.


Currency Exchange Rates

When you buy a stock in a foreign currency, be prepared that the foreign currency may grow stronger. Thus, you may see a loss in the value of your foreign securities. Constant fluctuations in currency rates may affect investors who trade in short-term investments.


Volatile Dividends

Dividends are profits that are distributed to shareholders. Corporate profits and dividend policies vary over time. You may receive attractive dividends in 1 year but none in the subsequent years.


Investment Sectors

If your portfolio is not diversified among different sectors and is only concentrated on a specific sector, e.g. logistics, you will be exposed to more losses if that specific sector undergoes a crisis.


Electronic Trading

What are the electronic trading risks which I need to take note of?



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