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Maybank Trade Mobile
Mobile Trading

Q1. What is my User ID and Password for Maybank Trade Mobile?
You can log in to Maybank Trade's mobile trading platform using your Maybank Trade Online User ID and Password. As both systems share the same User ID and Password, you will only be able to log in to either Maybank Trade Online or Maybank Trade Mobile at any given time. You will not be able to log in to both at the same time.

Q2. Where can I download the application?
Go to on your mobile device. You will be prompted to download the application.


For iOS users: Go to Apple App Store >> Search for Maybank Trade SG >> Install
For iPad users: Go to Apple App Store >> Search for Maybank Trade SG >> Install
For Android users: Go to Google Play >> Search for Maybank Trade SG >> Install
For Tablet version: Go to Google Play >> Search for Maybank Trade SG for Tablet >> Install

Q3. Do brokerage commissions apply when I trade using Maybank Trade Mobile?
Yes. Standard Maybank Trade Online brokerage commissions apply to all trades made on Maybank Trade Mobile. This includes trades made through the web browsers of all mobile devices.

Q4. Will Maybank Trade Mobile work on my device?
Maybank Trade Mobile’s design and performance are optimised for:

  • iPad: Models with iOS 8.0 and above
  • iPhone/iPod: Models with iOS 8.0 and above
  • Android: Models with OS 4.4 and above
  • Android Tablet : Models with OS 4.4 and above

Q5. Is there an Apple Watch app for Maybank Trade?

Yes. You may access your watchlist, indices and stock quotes through our Apple Watch app.


Q6. Does Maybank Trade Mobile provide real-time market information?

Yes. Automatic updates provide real-time information for the following SGX categories: 
Top Volume, Top Gainers/Losers, Quick Quotes, Trade and Watchlist

Yes. Click the "Refresh" button for real-time updates on SET:
Top Volume, Top Gainers/Losers, Quick Quotes, Trade and Watchlist

Bursa Malaysia, HKEX, SH-HK, NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca
Unless you are a real-time data subscriber, market information will be displayed in the form of delayed data snapshots.

For real-time data subscribers, real-time market information will be displayed in the form of data snapshots that will update when you click on the "Refresh" button.

Q7. Are Maybank Trade mobile applications free?
Currently, Maybank Trade mobile applications are free for all Maybank Trade users. You will need a Maybank Trade Online account to log in. Data usage charges from your telecommunications service provider will still apply.

Q8. Can I trade using multiple accounts at the same time while using Maybank Trade Mobile?
Yes. You can trade using multiple accounts at the same time while using Maybank Trade Mobile. After you log in, select the desired account that you wish to trade with from the account dropdown list.

Q9. Can I trade using my margin account on Maybank Trade Mobile?

Q10. Will my orders placed using Maybank Trade Online be seen on Maybank Trade Mobile?
Yes. Orders placed using Maybank Trade Online can be seen, amended and withdrawn at the View Orders page on Maybank Trade Mobile, and vice versa.

Q11. On the View Orders page, what do the Order Status abbreviations like F, Q, C, AC etc. stand for?




Pending to Enter Queue


Order Accepted in Queue


Filled Order


Partially Filled Order


Reduced Order Pending to Enter Queue


Reduced Order Accepted in Queue


Order Pending Cancellation


Cancelled Order Accepted in Queue


Rejected Order


Suspended Order


Expired Order


Unknown Status 

Note: Amend/Withdraw actions are only valid for orders with status as PO, Q, PF or AC.
For US Orders, the status "Q" will be reflected for pre-market orders. Clients are advised to check the actual order status after market opens.

Q12. How does order confirmation work on Maybank Trade Mobile?
An order number is generated when trades are placed through Maybank Trade Mobile. To view your order confirmation, go to the View Orders page.

Q13. Can I change my password on Maybank Trade Mobile?
Yes, you can.

Q14. If I change my password via Maybank Trade Mobile app, will my Maybank Trade Online trading password be changed too?
Yes, all password changes via Maybank Trade Mobile will automatically sync with the Maybank Trade Online trading platform and take effect immediately.

Q15. Can I view and edit my watchlists?
Yes, you can view and edit your watchlists through Maybank Trade Mobile. Any changes made to your watchlists via Maybank Trade Mobile will automatically sync with your Maybank Trade Online and Apple Watch watchlists.

Q16. I am receiving timeout errors. Why?
Timeout errors are often attributable to a temporary server fault such as poor data connection or signal. Contact your mobile data service provider (Singtel, Starhub, M1, etc) if this problem persists.

Q17. Can I access Maybank Trade Mobile when I am overseas?
Yes. You can access Maybank Trade Mobile overseas as long as your mobile phone is connected to the Internet (through high speed mobile connection, Wi-Fi etc) Please check with your mobile data service provider for the applicable roaming charges.

Q18. I am getting this message: "Operation could not be completed. Please check your network connections.” Why?
This message will appear if you get disconnected from the network while performing an operation. If this problem persists, you should contact your mobile data service provider (Singtel, Starhub, M1, etc.).

Q19. At times, it takes a long while to load pages in Maybank Trade Mobile. Why?
This may happen in areas with low network coverage as a strong Internet connection is required to retrieve the nececessary information. If this problem persists, you may wish to contact your mobile data service provider (Singtel, Starhub, M1, etc.).

Q20. Why do I get an Invalid Symbol message even when I enter the correct counter code?
When you conduct a search by symbol, you will need to choose the correct exchange. For example, to search for Genting SP on SGX, you are required to choose SGX from the dropdown menu. To search by name for Citigroup on NYSE, first choose NYSE from the dropdown menu. Following that, enter Citigroup.

Q21. Can the Android Tablet app be used on Android phones with large screens, despite the fact that those screens are below the minimum requirement of 7”?
No. Maybank Trade Mobile for the Android tablet is designed for full optimization on Android tablets with display screens of 7" and bigger. Instead, you may install Maybank Trade Mobile developed for Android smartphones.

Q22. What features are available on the iPad and Android Tablet app?
Gain access to the latest regional research reports with the Research feature. You may also analyse stock price movements by viewing Trade Summary, Intraday Charts, Historical Charts and actual trades done via Time & Sales for SGX-listed stocks.

Q23. What is the difference between the Research Reports feature on the iPad and Android Tablet app and Market Insight feature on the iPhone and Android apps?
Research reports include a detailed analysis of company performance and stock price fluctuations which allows you to view comprehensive company data such as historical charts, quarterly financial results, forecasted earnings and financial summaries. 

The Market Insight feature, on the other hand, provides a succinct view of stock trends. The Morning Bites section, for example, provides users with a daily market outlook.

Q24. Under Market Insight, what do the three icons - Growth, Yield and Value - represent?
They represent three different stock selection lists based on the following parameters:

  • Growth - stocks with high earnings growth, suited for clients with more aggressive risk profiles
  • Yield - high dividend stocks, suited for clients with less aggressive risk profiles
  • Value - undervalued stocks relative to their asset base and/or growth potential, suited for clients with less aggressive risk profiles

Q25. Can I access SGX Market Depth? 

Yes, you can access SGX Market Depth by redeeming for it using your Rewards points on Maybank Trade Online. Alternatively, you can subscribe for it by making a payment of SGD90 (3 months' access) via Cash/Cheque/EPS/Internet Banking Bill Payment Service. Kindly contact us at or (65) 6432 1888 after you have made payment for the service.

Access will be activated a day after the payment is received by us. 

Q26. Why do I see the letter (D) beside my counters? 

The letter (D) is an Indicator for Delayed Market Prices. Prices for HKEx, SH-HK, NASDAQ are delayed by 15min. Prices for NYSE and ARCA are delayed by 20min. You may call Helpdesk at 6432 1888 to subscribe for live prices.

User Guides
Fingerprint Login

1. What is Fingerprint Login?

Fingerprint Login allows you to access your Maybank Trade app quickly at the touch of your finger.

2. What are the requirements before I can enable Fingerprint Login?

You must have the following in order to enable Fingerprint Login:

     i.         Maybank Trade Mobile phone app (iOS or Android)

     ii.        iOS or Android mobile device with fingerprint identity sensor. Min system requirement: iOS 8.0 / Android Kitkat 4.4

3. How do I activate Fingerprint Login on Maybank Trade?

There are two ways to do so: 

Via Login page

a. On the Login page of Maybank Trade app, tap on “Use Fingerprint” (For iPhone users, please tap on “Touch ID”)                 

b. Read the Terms of Use and tap on Continue

c. Enter your Username and Password

d. Tap on Continue to activate Fingerprint Login


Via Settings page

a. Login into Maybank Trade app

b. Tap on Settings on the Menu page

c. Toggle on the “Fingerprint Authentication” switch (For iPhone users, toggle on the “Touch ID” switch)

d. Enter your Username and Password

e. Tap on Continue to activate Fingerprint Login


We do not recommend you enable the Fingerprint Login if you have any other person's fingerprint(s) stored in your mobile device.  If you have, you understand that such person will have access to your account.

4. How do I disable Fingerprint Login?

You can disable Fingerprint Login by going back to the Settings page.

On the “Fingerprint Authentication” switch (or “Touch ID” switch for iPhones), toggle off to disable Fingerprint Login.


5. Can I activate Fingerprint Login on multiple devices?

Yes, you can.


6. If I use the wrong fingerprints when logging in, will it lock my Maybank Trade app access?

No, it will not lock your Maybank Trade access.  However, you will not be able to use your Fingerprint to Login for a period, depending on your device.


7. Will I be able to use Fingerprint Login if my Maybank Trade access is locked?

No, you will not be able to use Fingerprint Login if your Maybank Trade access is locked. Please call our Helpdesk at 6432 1888 to unlock your account. Once your account is unlocked, you will be able to use Fingerprint Login.


8. Can I use Fingerprint Authentication to place a trade?

No, your Maybank Trade password is still required to place a trade.


9. How do I use Fingerprint Login with 2FA?

You will still be required to enter the OneKey OTP after using Fingerprint Login. If the battery of your OneKey device is running out, please refer to Maybank Trade FAQ > Security > Q32.