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Discover how our Technical Insight tool can enrich your trading experience!
Accessing Technical Insight on Maybank Trade

You will be able to access our Technical Insight feature on our Maybank Trade trading platform via the following 2 methods. 


Via the Research Tab
1. Click on "Research"

2. Select "Technical Insight"

3. The Technical Insight Overview page will appear on a new pop-up window

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Via Watchlist
1. Click on your preferred trading modules (e.g. QuickTrade / Trade / Watchlist / Quotes)

2. Right click on your preferred stock 

3. Select "Technical Insight"

4. Stock's Technical Insight Event Lookup page will appear on a new pop-up window 

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Technical Analysis and its Enhanced Features

Technical Analysis and its Enhanced Features

2. Recognia Technical InsightTM
The Technical Analysis feature, provided by Recognia Technical InsightTM, allows you to find and time trades through access to emerging technical events.

  • Understand outlook for a particular stock based on 3 different trading horizons: short-term, intermediate-term and long-term
  • Obtain indication of bullish/bearish price situation
  • View Support and Resistance lines
  • Reference recommended “Trailing Stop” points for both long and short positions

  • Stock Technical Event Lookup
    Navigate through the timeframe of a chart and zoom in on a specific date range to look for a technical event.

    Click directly on the dots, Stop Price or Support & Resistance (S&R) to surface event markup or plot them directly on the chart. The new convenient side panel will load event information and education material/explanation for your analysis.

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  • Ideas Generation
    Explore trade ideas at a quick glance through Technical Insight’s “Feature Ideas” panel. Recognia automatically identifies up to 10 bullish/bearish stocks with interesting developments based on technical and fundamental analysis with backtested strategies.

    Bookmark and save the link on your mobile web browser and access the top 10 featured ideas without login to the trading platform.

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  • Event Screener
    Easily filter stocks based on self-selected criteria or simply select a "Preset Search" from the drop down menu.
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  • Trade Ideas Alerts
    Receive e-mail alerts on significant events based on self-selected criteria. Events range from new technical event trading opportunities or a price crossing a significant threshold.

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  • Getting Started on Technical Analysis and Recognia Technical InsightTM
    Two easy ways to access Technical Insight on Maybank Trade Online:
    • Click on Research > Technical Insight
    • Trading Modules: Right click on a stock > Select Technical Insight

How do I open a Cash, Prefunded or Margin account?

To open a Cash or Prefunded account

Step 1: Go to our online application form.

Step 2: Select "Stocks".

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Step 3: At the "Account Opening Requirements" page, fill in your details. Accept the terms of use, and click "Next".

Step 4: At the "Personal Details" page, under "Type of Account for Stock Trading", select "Cash" to open a Cash account or "Prefunded" to open a Prefunded account. 

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Step 5: Follow the instructions to complete the rest of the form. 

To open a Margin account

Step 1: Go to our online application form.

Step 2: Select "Margin Financing".

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Step 3: Follow the instructions to complete the rest of the form. 


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