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Trade Better and Easier with our new trading platform!
Key Features

Read on to discover how KE Forex SG can further enhance your trading experience! 

For more information, click here for the user guide.


1. Web-Based Platform

No downloads or installation of software required any longer. You can now trade anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to a web browser.


2. Tear-out Feature for Widgets

This feature allows you to place widgets anywhere on your desktop and open multiple windows by dragging tiles outside of the Favourites pane and apply the layout that best fits your preference. Simply re-dock by dragging them back in.


3. New Charting Tools Built on HTML5 Technology

Full featured charting tools with more than 30 technical studies. Choose to split your charts, apply as many indicators as you wish and add your own annotations, all without sacrificing speed or stability.


4. Compatible on Windows and Mac OS

Our trading platform can now run on modern browsers in Windows and Mac OS, hence lifting restrictions on trading on web browsers wherever you may be.


5. Blotters for More Comprehensive Information 

This feature gives you access to additional and detailed information of your orders. Plus, the Positions tab gives you the flexibility to move and sort easily. 


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