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Receive financial insights on stocks that truly matter to you with our personalised push notifications!
Personalised Push Notifications

What Is This About?

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Stay informed with insights, ideas and news that matters to you through our award-winning Maybank Trade mobile app.

Insights are specially curated based on your trading history and interaction with the trading app.

Know the news like we know you.




Benefits & Features

Enjoy some of these benefits and features when you enable Push Notifications on your smart devices!


1. Growth, Value and Yield (GVY) Updates

Receive timely updates on GVY changes and performance updates.

Our Retail Research team has invented 3 model stock lists based on 3 broad investor profile types and their different investing objectives of Growth, Value and Yield.

Our GVY model stock list has since outperformed the STI every single month in 2017*.

Learn more about GVY here.

*All information is accurate as of January 2018 


2. Trading Ideas

Be it fundamental or technical trading, be informed whenever there is a shift in fundamentals or technical trading opportunity arises.

In addition, receive personalised quality research commentary and calls from different markets, cutting across multiple industries and themes.


3. SG Corporate Action1 BETA

Get updated with SGX Corporate actions on the stocks you hold. Don’t know Cum Dividends /Ex Dividends dates? We have you covered.

1Selected stocks/corporate action 


4. US Earnings2 BETA

Stay informed with upcoming earning release from US

2Selected stocks only


5. New Bonds Issuance3

Take advantage of selected new bond issuances

3Only for declared Accredited Investor


6. Ease Of Use

No need for any setup as all insights are personalised based on your trading history and trading interactions.


 Terms and conditions apply. 

Want to Receive Market Intelligence On-The-Go?

Receive market intelligence at your fingertips anytime, anywhere when you enable push notifications on the Maybank Trade mobile app.

How Do I Personalise Financial Insights That Matter?

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Install the latest version of our Maybank Trade mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play Store

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Login to the mobile app, Maybank Trade with your login credentials

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Enable push notifications upon pop-up.

Alternatively, open up "Settings" on your mobile device, select "Maybank Trade SG" and turn on your notifications. (required only for iOS users) 

Download the latest Maybank Trade Mobile App on the App Store or Google Play today!  


For more assistance, please contact our Helpdesk at or +65 6432 1888.


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