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We are moving to MKE trade on 23 September 2019!
MKE trade: What Is It About?

Trade better, faster and easier with our new MKE trade trading platform! MKE trade is a fully-integrated trading powerhouse that is designed by traders, for traders, to give you a seamless trading experience.

Start trading on MKE trade from 23 September 2019!

Login and Explore Desktop

Step 1: Using your KE Trade credentials, login to MKE trade ( on a Chrome / Firefox / Safari browser.

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Step 2: You will be prompted to change your password for MKE trade.
Note: Your password for KE Trade will remain unchanged.

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Step 3: It is currently optional to link your OneKey device for 2nd factor authentication (2FA).

If you choose not to link your OneKey device for 2FA, click on ‘Continue without 2FA’ and acknowledge the risks associated with not using 2FA by clicking on ‘Acknowledge’ below.

If you choose to link your 2FA, follow the onscreen instructions to enter your NAF Username, Device ID and OTP.

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Step 4: Next, accept the Market Data Terms of Use to Proceed.

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Step 5: Discover the new features that we have on MKE trade. Your trading limits will only be transferred to MKE trade on 23 September 19. 

Login and Explore Mobile App

Step 1: Download the MKE trade App from App store here or Google Play here

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Step 2: Login to MKE trade App using your existing KE Trade credentials

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Step 3: You will be prompted to change your password for MKE trade.
Note: Your password for KE Trade will remain unchanged.

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Step 4: Relogin with your new MKE trade credentials. To proceed, Accept the Market Data Terms of Use and tap on “Proceed”

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Step 5: It is currently optional to link your 2FA token. Login via Desktop to link your 2FA token. If you choose not to link your 2FA token, acknowledge the risks of not using 2FA by clicking on the checkbox below.

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Step 6: Discover the new features that we have on MKE trade. Your trading limits will only be transferred to MKE trade on 23 September 19. 

Rediscover your favorite features on MKE trade

MKE trade enhances your trading experience with a fully customisable interface and a fresh skin.

Rediscover your favorite KE Trade features on MKE trade with the help of MKE trade: Transition guide

Key Features

Read on to discover how MKE trade can further enhance your trading experience!

1. Fully Customisable Interface
Fluid and responsive platform with a fresh skin for you to personalise your workspace exactly the way you want it.

2. News That Matters
Our news widget feeds timely articles on your counters.

3. It's In The Charts
Our charting tool allows you to add a wide range of drawing instruments.

4. Speed Is Everything
Access to key information is now faster, with new keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys. Pre-defined watchlists such as global indices and SGX large cap stocks are now available.

5. Holistic Portfolio Management
Our Portfolio widget allows you to view real-time valuations in 2 different view modes.

6. Extensive Data Set
Historical dividend payments, closing prices and adjustments, price earnings, market capitalisation and corporate profile now available at your fingertips.

Click here to get a better understanding of MKE trade.

Top Migration Questions

1. How do I get my User ID and Password for MKE trade?

Login using your existing KE Trade User ID and Password. 

Upon successful authentication, you will be prompted to enter your preferred Password for MKE trade.

For assistance on your KE Trade User ID or Password, please contact Customer Services at or (65) 6432 1888.

2. What will happen to my Watchlists in KE Trade?

A latest snapshot of your KE Trade Watchlist has been captured on the week of 6 Sep 2019 and transferred to MKE trade by 17 Sep 2019.

3. Why do I see negative entries in my Portfolio?

You might see negative entries because these stocks were sold via KE Trade without any matching buy quantity. In KE Trade, these entries were previously indicated with an * in Portfolio > ‘Realised P&L’ tab.

In MKE trade, these entries would be reflected as a negative position.

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To remove the negative positions on MKE trade, you will need to create manual entries of the matching buy.

Step 1: On MKE trade Desktop, select “Contract Notes” > select “Manual Entry” dropdown

Step 2: Click on “New Transaction” to create a corresponding Manual Entry

Note: Manual Entry is not available for Margin, Prefunded and Cash (Foreign markets).

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4. How do I view my custody holdings in MKE trade? Is ActualVolume my custody?

MKE trade’s Portfolio combines the features from KE Trade’s Account Management and Portfolio.

“AvailVolume” refers to the shares you have custodised with Maybank Kim Eng and intraday transactions.

“ActualVolume” comprises of custody holdings, intraday transactions and manual entries.

For SGX shares kept with CDP, please note that the “ActualVolume” shown under MKE trade portfolio is not a reflection of your share holdings in CDP/CPF investment bank/SRS operator.

For foreign shares traded with Maybank Kim Eng, you can find your Custody holdings under “AvailVolume” in Portfolio widget. See below for illustration.

Step 1: In Portfolio widget, select ‘Customise Table’ icon

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Step 2: Select AvailVolume from Hidden Column > Click on Fixed/Show to make it visible

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Step 3: You can now see your Custody Balance under ‘AvailVolume’

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5. I placed an order on MKE trade Desktop. Where do I see my order’s status?

After you have placed your order, you can see the order status in the Order Pad widget.
Kindly verify via Order Widget post order submission.

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6. How do I learn more about MKE trade Desktop?

Get a headstart on this new platform by accessing:

a. videos from the Viewpoint Training widget (as displayed below) on MKE trade or

b. Youtube tutorials here or

c. MKE trade FAQ here

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7. Where do I view e-Statement?

Using your KE Trade credentials, login to KE Trade to view e-Service > eStatements. 

8. How do I set up SMS and email for filled trade alerts?

Step 1: From MKE trade Desktop, select “Preferences” from the application menu

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Step 2: Tick the relevant checkboxes. You may select either email or SMS, or a combination of both.

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Step 3: Enter the relevant email address and/or mobile number.
For SMS, only local mobile numbers are supported for now.

Step 4: Click on Save


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