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Enjoy a superior trading experience with seamless connectivity to the global marketplace.
What are the Trading Tools Available?

Watchlist Window
Select between Simple and One Click Dealing Watchlist windows where both provide detailed real-time quotes for ease of trading.

  • Simple Watchlist

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  • One Click Dealing Watchlist

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  • Set Stops in Price  
    Trade in a more disciplined way by attaching stops and limits in price. There is no guarantee that loss will be limited if the price of a currency pair rises or falls rapidly after major news or when the market reopens after a weekend.

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  • Charting
    Customise your chart view to show either a single pair or four pairs at a go.
    Each view can be customised further with chosen indicators.

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What are the System Requirements to Get Started?

KE Forex Trading Terminal Application
KE Forex trading terminal - One of the most advanced and complete Forex trading platforms available in the market that is designed to maximise the trading experience for traders through its robust, stable, reliable and fast online currency-trading environment.

Recommended System Requirements 

Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
2 GB
550 MB
Screen Resolution
Operating System
Windows 7
What are the Risk Management Tools Available?

Stops and Limits
We offer non-guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit orders to close your trading positions. You can adjust these orders while your position is pending or open, allowing you to alter your strategy as the market moves. There is no guarantee that loss will be limited if the price of a currency pair rises or falls rapidly after major news or when the market reopens after a weekend.

Trailing Stops
The trailing stop allows traders to place a stop loss order, which automatically updates to lock in profit while the market moves in your favour.

You buy GBP/USD at 1.6000, and you place a trailing stop of 0.0050 which equals to 50 pips. This would mean that your trailing stop level is now at 1.5950

Scenario 1
Market price moves to a high of 1.6070, Your trailing stop loss would be adjusted to 1.6020 (1.6070 - 50pips = 1.6020).

If the market drops after reaching this high and falls to your trailing stop level, the trailing stop will be triggered and trade closed.

In this example, profit on this trade would be 20 pips (1.6020 - 1.6000).

Scenario 2
Market price moves to a high of 1.6010. Your stop loss would be adjusted to 1.5960 (1.6010 - 50pips = 1.5960).

If the market falls to your trailing stop level, the trailing stop will be triggered and trade closed.

In this example, loss on this trade would be 40 pips (1.6000 – 1.5960).

Electronic Trading Risks

What are the electronic trading risks that I need to take note of?

  1. Live Prices
    The speed and quality of your internet connection will affect the performance and accuracy of live prices on our online trading platforms and mobile trading applications. Broadband internet connection is recommended for online trading.
  1. Password
    Always keep your internet trading password confidential and change it regularly. Clear your browser’s cache and history after each session so that your account information is removed. You are advised not to use your browser’s “Auto Complete” function to save your User ID and Password as this function stores and lists possible matches from entries that you have typed previously.
  1. Virus, Spywares and Adwares
    Always install the latest anti-virus software and spyware programs on your computer or mobile. Regularly scan your computer or mobile to quarantine and delete any Virus, Spyware or Adware that may be present. Avoid downloading programs and email attachments from suspicious unknown sources.
  1. Phishing
    Phishing is an act of acquiring sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. It is typically carried out by email or instant messaging, and often directs users to enter details at a website.

    NEVER reveal your password to anyone. Be suspicious of any email or instant message asking you to provide sensitive account information. If you receive such emails or instant messages, do not reply or click on the links in the email or instant message.
  1. Wireless Network
    Wireless networking works by sending information over radio waves so it can be more vulnerable to intruders. Here are some ways to keep your wireless network secure:

    • Make your own unique and difficult-to-guess Service Set Identifier (SSID).
    • Change the default administrator password and username for your router.
  1. Orders
    In the electronic trading world, you may encounter situations such as being unable to withdraw erroneous orders in time due to the speed of the internet connection, or experience delays in order transmission and confirmation of order execution.

Please contact your Trading Representative or our Customer Service if you require any assistance.

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